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Smarter Cell Separation Made Easy.

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Say Hello to Future of Cell Separation

IIntroducing our innovative single-use medical device that utilizes ​cutting-edge lab-on-chip technology for diagnostic applications, ​including biomarker analysis and liquid biopsy.

Our device offers a breakthrough approach to cell separation, catering ​to diagnostic needs without the reliance on traditional laboratory ​equipment like centrifuges.

Minimizing cell damage and loss while reducing the risk of ​contamination, our technology ensures accurate and reliable diagnostic ​results for a wide range of applications, including regenerative cell ​therapy.

With our device, the future of diagnostic testing, biomarker analysis, ​and liquid biopsy is now more accessible than ever. We are proud to ​lead the way in this transformative field of medical science, where our ​device's capabilities mark a new era in diagnostic applications.



Best Features

Lab-On Chip Stem Cell Seperation Technology

Single-step cell separation

Without the Need for Laboratory Equipment

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Key Features

Our device is designed with a cutting-edge lab-on chip technology This innovative feature not only eliminates the risk of cell damage and loss, but it also reduces contamination risks and provides a more cost-effective solution for cell separation.

With our one-step cell separation feature, you can easily separate cells in just one step, without the need for multiple processes or equipment. This not only saves you time and effort, but it also minimizes the risk of user errors and ensures a more efficient and accurate separation process

Our device uses advanced microfluidic chip technology to separate cells with precision and efficiency, without the need for a centrifuge or bulky equipment. The process takes place on a single chip, which is designed to precisely control fluid flow, channel geometry, and surface chemistry. This ensures a reliable and accurate separation process, without the need for expensive or complex equipment

A little about CellFlow

CellFlow is a pioneering biotechnology start-up that specializes ​in the field of bio-regenerative cell therapies.

Who are we?

We're a team of scientists and innovators who are ​passionate about making cell separation smarter and ​easier. That's why we created CellFlow the future of cell ​separation technology.

Join us on our mission to change the face of regenerative ​medicine. Experience the power of our lab on chip technology ​and discover the future of regenerative cell extraction.

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